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The Internet of Things (IoT) is that one new mega-trending technology that every tech business is keen on getting into. However, IoT is not new, the first IoT device dates back to 1982 but we’ve just realized IoT’s applications and uses in the last decade. As of now, with implementations alongside AI & ML, IoT has opened doors to a dream world for businesses. We at Essence Softwares Solutions, are an IoT solutions company in India, who bring you customized IoT solutions and IoT development services, that you can implement on any scale, from heavy machinery to small devices. Our IoT devices are designed to make your work smarter and easier. What’s so unique about us? We offer IoT cloud storage for all the data the device captures so that you can track the data on-the-go. 

We as an IoT solutions company in India think that while building an IoT application for you, we should create something that has impeccable network connectivity and is easily upgradable with new advancements. You will get an IoT solution that is smart, robust, offers superior connectivity & data privacy, and allows you to track data simultaneously.

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IoT Solutions company in India, providing IoT solutions for everyone. Make your device smart and your work smarter.


Our end-to-end IoT development services and customized IoT solutions are focused on creating smart environments across various sectors. These primarily include:

Smart Manufacturing

We create smart IoT solutions for manufacturing units that can help them maximize productivity and automate all processes that need little to zero manual handlings.

Smart Warehouses

Our IoT development services also expand towards building smart solutions for storage units and warehouses that need IoT devices like temperature monitors, power supply monitors, etc.

Smart Homes

The top appliance-based companies are focusing on building IoT devices that can help make homes smarter. From Smart lights, smart cooling, smart security to interconnected devices, alarm applications, and more. We help companies build IoT devices that bring a positive impact on people’s lives.

Smart Enterprises

Offices are getting smarter, and we are glad to be contributing to that. Our range of IoT services extends towards helping enterprises create smart IoT applications like smart login/logouts, device management applications and more.

We are also developing our own solutions within various industries with a zeal to create revolutionizing IoT solutions. One such IoT device is “iloggerz’, our cloud based data logger, that captures and monitors temperature variations in certain industries. 

We Serve

We serve all industries that require IoT solutions, whether they be small scale businesses or large scale enterprises. We help in creating Smart Homes, Industries, Storages and more. 

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Cutting edge technologies for your business success.

PHP Development

We work on all the major web development frameworks to create powerful and scalable custom solutions for our clients. With our expertise, we have been able to build diverse web applications from small scale informative websites to large scale web portals.

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Slim Web Framework



Our team of experts constantly innovates to build products that create an impact in the world of IoT. We create solutions that help businesses improve device efficiency and output. Our IoT solutions also focus on helping our clients manage and track data effectively using Cloud.

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ESP32 Microprocessor

ESP8266 Microprocessor

Raspberry Pi

PCB Programming

Mobile Applications

We build dynamic mobile applications for all operating systems. With our custom solutions for mobile apps, we ensure you that the product that you receive will be smooth, fast, upgradable and built using the latest technology.

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React Native

Android Native

IOS Native


With a wide range of database management systems, we ensure that your data is managed, updated and accessed easily. We offer structured database systems like MySql to our clients looking for real time data consistency and we suggest the use of non-relational database systems like Dynamodb for concurrency and high-volume data access.

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Mongo DB


Sql Server


CMS and eCommerce

We create dynamic and visually appealing web layouts and offer dynamic website building on major content management systems including WordPress and Moodle. We use platforms like Shopify to build ecommerce solutions that are visually appealing and easy to access.

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We use structured frameworks and multiple language libraries to create a highly attractive front-end for websites. We offer our clients an option to choose from platforms like HTML5, Reactjs, Javascript, Jquery and Angularjs to develop a front-end that can be easily managed and updated.

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React Js











Our IoT Development Process

  • 1


    We want to know your expectations from the product and thus we probe you to get the complete details of your requirements.

  • 2

    Scope of Work

    Once probing is done, our team drafts a SOW and shares it with you. You can request changes & then a final SOW is shared.

  • 3


    Once SOW is mutually agreed upon. We start developing the IoT Solution and share the updates with you regularly.

  • 4


    You get to test the product and we too will make it go through numerous rounds of testing to remove any problems.

  • 5

    Hand Over

    The last part of course is hand-over. We’ll deliver the final product to you which is free of any problems, bugs.


Why choose our IoT services?

IoT or the Internet of Things has become a necessity for every industry, and the team at Essence takes pride in providing the best IoT services that have fully satisfied our clients. Our dedication and excellence have made us stand among the top-rated IoT service providers. Here are some of the reasons that will help you understand why you should choose our IoT services-


Expert Team of Professionals

We are a team of professionals that are well experienced in their forte. All our team members have been in this industry for a very long time.


On-Time Delivery

Our team provides IoT services for all kinds of industries; some are manufacturing, oil, and gas, healthcare, retail, telecommunication, energy, etc. We make a different team for every industry to provide dedicated IoT services to our clients.


Next-Generation Mobile Apps

Our team is always ready to provide technical support to our clients. We are available 24*7 to help them with all the questions related to our IoT services, data quality, services desk, etc.


A Proven Track Record

When we share such massive data, it becomes very vulnerable and easy to access. But, our team provides full security against data sharing between devices. We use multiple channels of security (particularly cloud storage) to safeguard our client’s data from stealing.

What exactly is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

In simpler terms, the Internet of Things or IOT means connecting everything to the internet. The “connected” things will either receive information, send information, or do both. For example, sensors are connected to the internet, and it gathers information from the surroundings to guide us in making the correct decisions. Some of the sensors do both the activities they collect the data and also act on it. Sensors are just one of the examples of IoT; you can find many IoT devices like your printer, AC, Automatic cars, etc.

How can I create a simple Internet of Things (IoT) platform?

The demand for IoT platforms is increasing tremendously with the growing need for the automatic functioning of products. An IoT platform lets you connect your hardware devices to the internet. A useful Internet of Things (IoT)  helps the consumers seamlessly use the product by gathering and passing information to the device. For a non-techie, it can be very technical to create its own IoT platform. Here at Essence, we understand your need and make an IOT platform that will accelerate your product’s demand in the market.

Why is IoT important?

Internet of things or IoT has become a need in the 21st century because of various reasons-

  • IOT can process extensive data without affecting the internal system of the device.
  • An IOT can collect data and analyze it, keeping in mind the consumer’s requirement.
  • Automation will eventually save you a lot of money you will otherwise have to pay to market researchers.
  • IOT offers you to work remotely, hence reducing the cost of establishing an office.

I want to do a project on the IoT. How much will it cost?

The cost of establishing an IOT platform depends upon the specification and technology you want to embed in your platform. However, at Essence, the best IoT solutions company in India, we analyze the costs that will be used to build an IoT platform. We quote the most affordable pricing for your IoT platform. There are several factors that we take into consideration before quoting you a specified fee.

How long does it take to build an IoT project?

The time frame for building an IoT platform depends upon the requirement and technology used. At Essence, we will give you all the details about the cost and the duration of the project. We pre-define the deadline of your project and continuously update you on the progress of your IoT platform.

Will you provide maintenance & service after delivering the project?

We understand the importance of a seamlessly working IoT platform. The final product must function correctly, and you don’t have to stress over the maintenance part. Essence is the best IoT solutions company in India, and we provide you with free two months of maintenance service. Within these two months, we will take care of all the maintenance costs and solve all your IoT platform problems.

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