About Us

Who we are?

We are tech enthusiasts who love building brand image

With over a decade of experience within the team, we at Essence Software Solutions have been working in the IT world globally, to help companies achieve their digital dream. The digital world is reshaping, and we have been building projects that not only run on the latest technologies but are also scalable for the upcoming ones. We believe that ideas are dreams that need the right amount of direction to come to life, and our mission is to create masterpieces out of those ideas. Our team is full of genius coders, expert designers, brilliant creative & marketing minds, and experienced startup consultants who, together in a real sense, make Essence a leading digital solutions company.

What we do?

We work to bring your ideas to life

We work in multiple IT domains to build customized solutions for all your digital needs. We develop robust and cost-effective solutions that create a positive impact for your business. Through these solutions, we help businesses build a brand image in their respective domain.

The key solutions that we offer are:

  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • IoT Solutioning
  • Startup Consulting

Within these key services we offer multiple languages, platforms and sub-services that help us build a masterpiece.

How We Do?

We follow a streamlined process that helps us get stellar results

We believe, for anyone to make a difference in the digital world and to be truly customer-centric, it is imperative to think beyond the box and work with the customer to project their idea on-screen with perfection.

We provide multiple services in different domains, but there are some standard practices that we follow regardless of the service the customer opts for, this primarily sums up our ‘how we do.’

  • Probing – We inquire in-depth to know the project requirements and the end product our client wants.
  • Projecting – We make precise projections about the project’s timeline, financials, and the end results.
  • Building – We build around the client’s expectations and make sure that we always offer something extra.
  • Updating – We keep our clients updated about every phase that their project goes through.
  • Servicing – We extend our hand to our clients even after project completion.

Why are we being chosen globally?

We work in a team to build a product that beats client expectations every time!

Our key strength is our quality. The quality of work that we provide and the methodology that we follow to build our projects has helped us build a global presence. With a physical presence in India & U.K and a virtual presence throughout the world, we have helped people use technology to boost their business, web presence, and sales. We have also extended our helping hand to startups who look for tech guidance, and we are helping in laying down the right technical path for them.

Some key factors that have helped Essence throughout the journey:

  • Satisfactory: Our aim to satisfy customers has led to companies awarding us multiple projects.
  • Trustable: Our work and friendly nature has led to companies working with us for over three years.
  • Post Sale Excellency: Our free two month service period helps companies figure out problems (if any).
  • Consultancy:We suggest and brainstorm ideas that can make the end product even better.

Our practice of being the one who always brings more to the table has helped us work with businesses globally.