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What Makes Progressive Web Apps the Future of Mobile Applications?

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Mobile technology is improving constantly with breakthrough techs launching every other week. While there is so much to handle, certain technologies and methods turn out be revolutionary for the industry. Progressive Web Apps has created one such revolution. Commonly known as PWAs, Progressive web apps are very powerful and effective alternatives to native mobile applications. Moreover, it is possible to eliminate the requirement of today’s vanity native apps with the use of PWAs.

What are progressive web apps?

Progressive apps are usually the hybrid apps that contain the characteristics of smart native applications but they work with the browser. They use the disruptive technology of sorting which is the cross-germination of the best parts of both the websites as well as mobile applications. It is merely a positive combination of two. Since Google treats such apps as websites making them highly indexable. Progressive web apps are light on the phone as they only use cache memory for storage rather than traditional apps that use ROM. Moreover, the best side of Progressive Web Apps is they don’t require to be installed before using like the native apps.

How Progressive Web Apps are used in different industries?

Thanks to the benefits of both websites as well as mobile applications, Progressive Web Apps is becoming more acceptable in different types of industries. Many industries are changing their focus over the apps and sites and are moving towards Progressive Web Apps. Some of the industries that make use of PWA are:

Investors and the finance advisors

In the working of wealth management, communication is considered as the most important part. The financial advisors make use of PWAs to provide news, information as well as investment helps. Some of the business focus on giving personalized advice whereas others focus on more broad investment information. PWAs provide a perfect platform for them to share information with clients and investors.


The Progressive Web Applications benefits the retail industry with many functions. These apps allow the users to browse and purchase easily giving the retailers a maximum benefit. As such apps are easy to develop and manage, it becomes useful to the retailers as they can stay connected and manage everything easily.

B2B market

Like retailers, B2B markets also have taken great advantage of Progressive Web Apps. Such apps are simple and convenient. Business owners are always busy and as a result, search for things that make their business easier. PWAs fulfill such requirements of the users. With the help of the app, the owners can easily order their supplies.

News, Media, Information, and Bloggers

Content developers are found everywhere. The news sites, weather trackers, information providers such as bloggers, and other website holders always wish to hold their current readers as well as attract more visitors to their website. The site using the PWAs stands out from such a list by making it easy for the users to increase their visitor flow. These apps help to increase readability and visibility.

Food and Beverages

Ordering food was never a cup of tea for the users and it was limited up to the delivery of pizza and Chinese. But now, it is easier to order food even without a single call, this is because of the existence of many progressive web apps. These also allow users to order groceries and other items online.

Sharing the rides

The progressive web apps allow users to take the benefit of shared rides. Many of the progressive apps allow the users to book a cab online, allow the drivers to create a gig and accept the rides, and also create a secure medium for communication among rider and driver. PWAs leads the business towards high acceptance quickly.

Tourism and travel

The tour and travel industry has made use of Progressive Web Apps to a greater extent. The traditional travel industry has changed a lot with the passing years. Now everyone can book a ticket or any service with just a few clicks making it an easy task. Some of the PWAs allow the users to create an entire travel plan, learn interests, and also find accommodation. PWAs have made traveling much simpler.

Small and medium business

Even though the small scale business are not industries, but they have their place in the market. They can make the maximum benefit out of the progressive web applications. It becomes difficult to create a place in the online market and get attention to small and medium businesses. Big industries have created their images and they rule over a few markets not allowing the small business to join. As a result, PWAs allow such businesses to grow by providing an easy interface and lets them attract more clients.

Why use PWAs?r

The webmasters try to attract clients or visitors in a variety of ways. They either make the websites sharp enough with responsive designs that can attract the users.
Or they make use of native apps that have different programming and have the requirement of downloading with installing.
On the wider range, progressive web applications are far better as they are developed by combining the benefits of websites as well as mobile apps. These are also easy to be traced by the search engines.

Benefits of progressive web apps

The best part of progressive web applications is they are available online as well as offline. They are a perfect combination of websites and mobile applications.
These applications allow users to use their cache data depending on their browse history.
The businesses that have huge catalogs face the problem of retention as such catalogs take a long time to get displayed. As users suffer from long waiting time, they abandon the process and close the app. This issue is faced every time as the catalog needs to be displayed always and it takes a long reloading time. But if progressive web applications are used, it is not required to load catalogs that help to increase the retention amount.

Some of the most important benefits are:

Economically beneficial

The Progressive Web Applications are cheaper in comparison to websites and mobile applications. As these applications work on a multi-platform, they have reduced extra costs. They also have less loading time and allow to increase retention.

Easy to install

Installing progressive web applications is a smooth process as there is minimal human involvement, unlike other applications. Users doesn’t require to visit the app store to install such apps as they can be directly downloaded from the browser on the mobile device.


The progressive web applications always have URLs like normal websites. They can be easily linked and can be indexed. The companies who give more importance to the Search Engine Optimization get a greater benefit from such PWAs.
The search engines access the user data based on the behavior of the application. These functions will surely help mobile development companies to explore and craft more strategies.

Website like apps

The progressive web applications have a website like a look and work. It is possible to link such PWAs and index easily with google like the normal websites. It is important as in today’s world, webpage ranking and retention rate is a must. SEO is a very important part of the digital marketing and it helps to drive the traffic to your PWA. It helps to have a greater benefit by making the web app interactive and easy to use.

Development of PWAs

The development of these Progressive web applications is also an important part and easy work. Proper development leads to a high ranking of the Progressive web app. Some of the most important or common practices are:
The content must be attractive
The URL structure must be exclusive and unique
The URL must be easy to remember
The web design should be eye-catching
The canonical tags must be listed separately.

Push notifications

Push notifications are the small messages that are displayed on the mobile screens after the progressive web application gets downloaded and installed successfully on the home screen. However, they are similar to the regular message updates and keep containing the updates of the app. It is a handy yet useful feature of PWA.


Google always encourages the use of HTTPs over HTTP. It is because the HTTPs are capable of fighting against the cyber-attacks which are at the top of the risk list for the app and web developers. The PWAs are a kind of HTTPs site that assures the security of personal data like credit and debit card details, address information, or any other detail. This lets users use the web app peacefully.

As per the benefits and acceptance, the progressive web application is looked at as the changing technology to change the way of using websites and mobile applications. Many companies are planning to invest in the PWAs to get maximum benefits and user retention. Along with the reduction in loading time, they are also trying to drive more users and get proper user engagement.

Benefits of PWAs to users

The progressive web apps also benefit the users along with the owners. Some of the benefits are listed below.
Users can hold the content on any device.
They receive a high-definition user experience.
They can load web apps quickly and use them easily
Even with the weak data connection, users can surf the web content on their handheld devices.

Working of Progressive web application

The foundation is PWA works on the service workers that defined the JavaScript files.
Automatic cache recording in the background and functionality of service worker makes offline working of app possible.
Due to the zero requirement of loading, the delays in working are also eliminated.
As the pre-requisite is added before, PWA can load content before the URL is clicked.
To load the content dynamically, the shell is used.
The users are allowed to save the app icon on their home screen as per their requirement with the storing of JSON file on server.
This allows users to have a clean screen look and easy usage.

Tools required to develop PWAs

If you are interested in learning and developing a PWA on your own, these are few tools required to start your work.

Progressive web room
It offers the users excellent solutions for several categories such as business, shopping, games, and many more.

Google developers
They provide you with the resources which help to code having a comparative PWA checklist. Moreover, there are many extensions available like, the lighthouse extension helps to audit the web pages to check the qualification.

PWA Builder
It accesses the data directly from your website to easily generate a PWA.

It is a JavaScript library helping to create display and editor user interfaces.

Angular and React
These are the excellent JavaScript frameworks useful for PWA development.

Future of progressive web apps

As of now, PWA is in greater demand and most of the great business organizations are investing in these applications.
These web applications provide benefits to both the owners as well as users, they are highly acceptable.
As per the overall reports and reviews of people, the Progressive Web Application is considered as the future of developing multi-platform sites with greater speed, reliability as well as access. They will be preferred as it doesn’t require to be downloaded before use.
The availability of PWA on both Android and iOS makes it a future.


This article gives you detailed information about Progressive Web Apps and their work. It also sheds light on the major benefits of using such apps for both users and the owners. Lastly, the content shows the future of progressive web page. The overall view generates data shows the possibility of PWA overcoming the normal websites and mobile applications in the future. Lastly, if you need help on building a PWA, you can get in touch with us or visit our website here.

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