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Top technologies for Hybrid App Development in 2021

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Brands utilize different technologies and frameworks to create apps for their customers and increase conversion rates and profits. 

To note, many businesses focus on native app development (Android/Windows/iOS-specific apps with compatible features for their respective OS model). However, focusing on building one native app (e.g., Android apps) would automatically cut off a major portion of the customer base (e.g., iOS app users). 

Thus, hybrid app development is a notable alternative for brands. Statistically, 60% of business owners find hybrid apps more efficient compared to native apps.  

In this article, you would get more details on the best technology stacks available in 2021, specifically for the development of hybrid apps. 

What are hybrid apps?

Users can install hybrid apps on different devices like other Android and iOS apps. Developers add native app-specific features and configurations here; thus, they are compatible with different devices. 

It incorporates elements of both native apps and web browsers, which ensures interoperability in the app. 

Indeed, these apps use a WebView object-centric native container. This allows the app to have the similar functionality of web apps, i.e., web-based apps that run via browser/internet but cannot be installed.

Notably, the web technologies that run the WebView object for accurate web content display are JavaScript, CSS, and HTML/HTML5.

Top technologies for hybrid app development 

Here are the main technologies brands and developers can use for the successful creation of dynamic hybrid apps. 

  • React Native 

React Native is an open-source version from the JavaScript library for developers to generate apps with existing JavaScript data. Brands can utilize the pre-existing Android and iOS-based app development modules to create cross-platform apps. 

Here, developers code once, and the application is suitable to employ in different operating systems, like Windows, iOS, and Android. Admittedly, React Native allows third-party integrations and focuses heavily on UI/UX design on the app. 

Due to its open-source nature, developers can adopt elements from other frameworks like Xamarin and Flutter to create apps. 

  • Xamarin 

Xamarin is a cross-platform framework with C# programming benefits. Brands find this structure easy to adjust since it operates on a single code structure. Typically, apps created with Xamarin run favorably and smoothly via Android, iOS, and Windows OS. 

Notably, the apps made with Xamarin have native-like capabilities. Developers can utilize the single shared code base of .NET to deliver the multi-platform hybrid apps. 

Compared to many other technology stacks available for hybrid app development, Xamarin costs less and performs faster. 

  • jQuery Mobile 

This cross-platform structure is another efficient option for generating independent hybrid apps. 

With HTML and JavaScript library support, jQuery, as well as jQueryUI, are effective for creating responsive mobile web apps. Notably, the jQuery framework is often used for website development more frequently compared to mobile-based hybrid apps. 

A valuable advantage of choosing this technology for app development is that it integrates well with other configurations. Notably, the navigational quality of jQuery Mobile is simple and user-friendly and it contains a serviceable plugin library.  

  • Mobile Angular UI 

With the combined impact of Bootstrap and AngularJS functionalities, this technology stack works favorably for hybrid application development. 

Brands opt for this choice due to its consistent performance, regardless of platforms or devices. Moreover, developers get full access to features like switches, sidebars, and overlays during app development. 

Mobile Angular UI has an open-source structure as well and works properly with the HTML5 markup language. Users can apply it for free; so, start-ups or beginner-level professionals can operate it well for light app building. 

  • Ionic 

This platform for hybrid apps offers both iOS and Android-based UI elements during the development of these apps. There is a unified library full of native components and has front-end coding support for CSS, HTML, Angular, and JavaScript.

Compared to most other technologies available for hybrid app development, Ionic is very easy to use. Also, it provides specific Ionic CLI with pre-configured commands for automated Ionic app operation and development.  

Besides iOS and Android operating systems, brands that use this framework for hybrid app creation can deploy them on the web and Windows. 

The UI elements here are attractive and pre-designed, like interactive paradigms, and prominent typography. Furthermore, it operates as an independent library and is compatible with multiple frameworks. 

  • Corona SDK 

This technological system is highly competent for a quick and simple hybrid app development process. Notably, the fast pace of this technology makes the app development process easier to deal with for developers. 

Here, the main scripting language used here is Lua. This is comparatively lightweight than most popular coding languages. 

Brands that use Corona SDK for app development can run their finished service via Android as well as the iOS operating system. Brands can create high-performance applications with the help of Corona SDK. Typically, developers use this framework to create education-centric, enterprise, and 2D game apps. 

Overall, Corona SDK has a robust structure and includes multiple strong features for app development. 


In total, there are many efficient systems with flexible technological for hybrid app development. For the best app development experience, it is important to consider the main priorities for your hybrid app project, if you need help with one, connect with us here.

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