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The Growing Trend of Implementing AI and AR in Mobile App Development

ai and ar in mobile app development

With the increasing hype surrounding AI and AR, implementing these technologies in mobile app development is not absurd. It is true that AI (Artificial Intelligence) and AR (Augmented Reality) can enhance the experience of mobile users exponentially. Their intriguing collaboration has the potential to revolutionize the mobile app development industry as we know it. With seamless integration of AI and AR, it becomes easy for mobile app developers to design and launch an exciting app. 


AI and AR are not the same!

ai and ar in mobile app developmentIt is vital to note that AI and AR are different technologies. For that, a detailed understanding of both aspects is crucial.

AI or Artificial Intelligence, also known as machine learning, uses statistics and algorithms to perform different tasks. Here, you don’t have to offer explicit guidelines. These models assess, understand, and then learn the patterns. For example, when you type in your mobile keypad and words emerge as you write only a few alphabets. That is an example of integrating AI into mobile app development.  Whereas AR or Augmented reality is a 3-D digital representation that mixes the virtual space with the physical environment. Here, computer-generated items interact in the real world and give you a surreal experience. It is achievable with the careful blend of data from different sources like the gyroscope, camera, GPS, etc. Pokemon GO is the perfect example of immersive AR in a mobile app.


Are AR and AI complementing technologies?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) are different technologies. But, they complement each other to offer an immersive experience to mobile users.

With the growth of AI models, AR doesn’t need to use the traditional techniques of gathering data. This information is crucial in building the 3-D world that enables the existence of digital objects in the physical realm.

With enhanced AI techniques such as deep neural networks, AR can now use crucial data for implementing realistic occlusion. The detection of horizontal and vertical planes, along with the insertion of depth and segmentation of images, has made it possible to comprehend the 3-D positions in real-time.

When AR is layered with AI models on top, the mobile experience of users will increase manifolds. With such a growing tech on the horizon, mobile app developers need to understand and implement it. Essence Software Solutions offers the most exciting mobile app development services. With us, no trends are difficult to integrate into mobile applications. 

Prediction states that the demand for incorporating AI and AR into the mobile app is definitely going to increase in the upcoming years. The majority of the technology giants have already started working on it. With a 42% CAGR, the international ML industry is predicted to cross $9 billion by the end of 2022. And as for VR and AR technologies, the global market is expected to increase to approximately $209 billion by 2022. That clearly indicates the growing trend of these technologies.  Moreover, ntegrating these into mobile app development can change the contour of the mobile industry significantly.


Different ways to blend AI and AR

ai and ar in mobile app developmentThe combination of AR and AI in mobile app development offers multiple opportunities to mobile app developers. Now, they can use this unique fusion to create a magical technological experience for the users. Check out some of the ways that you can use blend AR and AI.

  • Image recognition

Here, users can visualize the setting up of an object in a particular physical space. With the unique combination of AR and AI technology, it is now possible to shift digital photos into the space that you want and comprehend its visual appeal. Many industries have already started opting for this tech. For instance, IKEA Place now lets the customers digitally place furniture and see how it looks in actual reality. 

  • Education

Perhaps, one of the most beneficial aspects of AI and AR in mobile app development is the boon to education. It can help students understand the complexities with the aid of virtual realities. With new perspectives and appreciation for experimental knowledge, educational experience can reach unparalleled heights. For example, the human anatomy app, Visible Body can offer a unique interactive experience to the students, making them understand aspects that books can’t truly match. 

  • Speech recognition

In this particular aspect, the AI model keeps track of what you say. Then, it triggers the AR to form the visual 3-D image right in front of you. For instance, if you say “burger”, you will observe a virtual burger appear before your eyes. 

  • Detection of human pose

Here, the fusion of AR and AI technology allows the detection of human postures. With this technology, it is now possible to estimate the position of joints of a person in a particular image. Therefore, it is used to manipulate the AR aspect. 

  • Recognition of car

In this particular technology, AR and AI create a digital experience that allows customers to drive the car virtually. It is considered as an AR-based test drive. Moreover, the consumers can also check out the interiors of the car without being physically near the automobile. Various automotive brands are experimenting with this tech. For instance, Ford and Volkswagen have already started to use it. 

  • Object labeling

Here, we use the camera to capture a particular image or scene. Further, the data is passed onto the AR model that triggers a label for that precise image or location. 

  • Text recognition

In this specific technique, the AI model detects, assesses, and then translates the text present within an image. Then, the AR translates the text into the 30d representation. 

These are some of the ways that you can use the fusion of AR and AI in mobile applications. 

In this dawn of the digital revolution, integrating AI and AR in mobile app development will enhance customer experience significantly. Moreover, with new trends such as foldable display, IoT, Chatbots, and more, the combination of AI and AR is really intriguing. 

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