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A Complete Guide on How to Develop an iOS App in 2021

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Apple has a reputation for producing high-quality upscale lifestyle products. The development of iOS apps has grown into a multi-million dollar industry. Similarly, the resulting high-profile of having your app featured in the App Store is something that cannot be quantified.

Swift programming language, Xcode 7 development environment, and tools like Metal assist you in developing a game or application for the iOS platform in a very efficient manner. If you want to know how to develop an iOS App and find ways to enter the crowded App Store market, this is the right place to be.


Benefits of iOS App Development

Some of the many benefits of developing an iOS app are as follows.

1. Faster and Cheaper Development

When compared to Android, iOS development is less expensive and faster, thanks to the flawless Swift programming language. Unlike Android, iOS has a closed ecosystem, which means that specialized developers create apps for a limited number of standardized systems and devices.

2. High Security

One of the most significant advantages of iOS app development is that iOS products have high-security layers that provide a strong barrier against data duplication, encryption, and theft. Because the OS maintains user identity, data privacy, and app data in the Cloud, this enables secure transactions and other types of operations.

3. Smooth User Experience

Apple provides excellent customer service, as well as continuous app development life cycle maintenance and hardware and software synergy. Unlike some Android apps, iOS applications always work smoothly after downloading, and the company’s superior technological innovations play a significant role in this. This results in a flawless performance, which has brought Apple market success.

how to develop an ios appHow to Build an iOS App

Follow the given instructions to understand how to build an iOS app in easy steps.


1. Conduct Research

The first step in developing iOS mobile applications is to conduct research and analysis:

The App Market: Millions of apps are available on Apple’s App Store. With such a competitive market, you must understand what types of applications exist in the same sector and whether your app can gain traction and sufficient downloads.

Your target market: It is no secret that Apple users are a very specific group of consumers – and you should keep this in mind at every stage of your iOS app development process. It is critical to communicate with this niche and understand it in a way that truly speaks to it. iOS users appreciate cutting-edge design, trendy features, and the sense of being at the forefront of the mobile app user scene.

Your competition: Investigate similar apps and spy on your competitors to learn about their strengths and weaknesses. Consider what you can provide that your competitors in your industry do not, and then create a much better product based on what your audience likes and prefers.


2. Check App Store Guidelines

To be successful after it has been fully developed, an app must first adhere to Apple’s guidelines. Apple has strict rules, and before submitting your app, your developers must go through five key steps and check for rules pertaining to safety, performance, business, design, and legal requirements.

Because Apple only publishes applications that meet their specific requirements related to those five aspects, you must ensure that your developer carefully goes through each of these so that you can successfully submit it.


3. Design the App

During the design process, three major aspects should be prioritized:


User experience

In addition to making sure the app looks nice, it must also be fully functional, easy to use, and navigate. To that end, you must pay close attention to usability and navigation in order to provide an engaging user experience.

Concept and wireframing

All requirements are documented, and designers begin creating wireframes that depict how the app will appear.

Software architecture

To ensure the scalability and stability of your mobile application, your designers must take certain steps.


4. Develop Your App

Your developers have to follow the below three steps to developing the app:

Prepare your MAC for the development process: Make certain that your developers are using MAC computers. Apple does not recommend using VMWare or Hackintosh to create your app on Windows for coding purposes.

Use the Xcode application: Xcode is Apple’s integrated development environment which includes the iOS Software Development Kit. It also includes a number of important APIs and tools, such as a source code editor (UI). This platform and the integrated Simulator app will be used by your developers to build the app, simulate it on a variety of iOS versions and hardware types, and deploy your application for testing.

Run the app: Using Xcode, your developers will be able to run your applications to see how they look and how users would interact with them if they were live.


5. Test Your App

Following the completion of the technical app development phase, the next step is to perform Quality Assurance (QA) testing. This is a critical step that ensures the app is fully functional and free of bugs and errors.

Your product will be reviewed here for intuitive user experience, optimized performance, security, optimal memory usage, and other factors. In other words, they will ensure that the app complies with all of Apple’s guidelines.

After completing this process, your app is ready to be submitted to the App Store.

There, you just learnt how to develop an ios app.



Jumping on the iOS app development and App Store bandwagon makes perfect sense – if done correctly! Although complying with numerous regulations and Apple Guidelines can be difficult, the reward can be sweet. 

An iOS app provides a great user experience, is inexpensive, fast, and secure, and has a market presence in the majority of developed countries, as well as a strong brand value and a loyal client base. To ensure a smooth process, conduct extensive research and review app store guidelines before developing your app. We hope you liked this guide on how to develop an ios app, if you need any help with ios app development, please connect with us here.

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