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7 Latest Mobile App Development Technologies for Startups in India (2021)

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latest mobile app development technologies

We spend almost half of our day using different mobile apps. There are millions of mobile applications on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. Therefore, it is not an easy task for new apps to grab the recognition of users, especially when there is so much competition in the online market. The development service providers of mobile apps have to consider many factors to make the app successful on the App Store or PlayStore. In this blog, we will talk about the latest mobile app development technologies for 2021.

Selecting the right technology for the customized development of the mobile app is one of them. Apps are regarded as an integral part of a leading business, an individual, an organization, or, most importantly, a startup in India (2021). Moreover, many apps have entered into the domain of health, sports, travel, food, finance, learning, delivery, hospitality, music streaming, taxi services, etc to serve us in every way. 

According to the Google Play Store statistics, there is an average of 6140 apps that are added to the Apple App store daily. 


7 latest mobile app technologies

The technologies mentioned below are the future determiner of mobile apps and offer great help to developers. 

  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. Swift
  4. Flutter
  5. Kotlin
  6. React Native
  7. R Programming

Let us have a closer look at the workings of these apps to understand them better. 

  • Python
latest mobile app development technologies

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Python is the most popular mobile app development technology and is a preferred choice for many developers worldwide. They use Python for creating various kinds of mobile applications. Python is an open-source program and highly dynamic. At the same time, the high-level language used in the program is very simple to understand. Any developer with the basic skills of programming can easily learn the language for developing mobile applications. 

This is a portable language that tends to facilitate unblemished development by built-in debuggers. Moreover, it also provides many other benefits such as community support, GUI programming, several libraries, frameworks, and special features.

Python is mainly needed to build a scalable and feature-rich web application in no time. Some of the app development examples by Python are Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, SurveryMoneky, etc. Although not new, python is constantly updating and does make its way to the latest mobile app development technologies.

  • Java

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Java is an object-oriented language of programming and is a very common computer language. This is highly reliable and very easy to handle. Through Java developers can create any app. Moreover, it is used as an official computer language in most android application building. This is because the programming language was made keeping in mind the need of the general mass. To simplify, one program using Java coding that runs in one system would work well with another system that generally runs on Java language. This reduces the need to compile codes over and over again, something many programmers find useful. All in all, it is simple and works with a lot of software.

Java offers multiple assistance, such as excellent documentation, community support, and an open-source library. These help the developers in building various types of applications for Android effortlessly and efficiently. VLC media player, SeaWeather, Telegram are a few examples of the apps that are produced with the help of this language. 

  • Flutter

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This app was introduced by Google and is the open-source program of mobile app SDK, also known as Software Development Kit. It helps the developers to make applications cross-platform. That means you will be able to make any application that can run both on iOS and Android platforms. Moreover, it offers many advanced features like fast reload capacity, a full customization option for flexible design, and different widgets for your convenience. Reflectly, Google Ads, Xianyu by Alibaba are some of the apps that are developed using Flutter. 

  • React Native

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React Native is also an open-source framework which is developed by Facebook, and it also serves as a cross-platform application, which makes it renowned among users. The program develops applications for Android, UWP, Web, and iOS. React Native builds apps that can run on different platforms at the same time have native-like capabilities. One notable fact is that react is one of the most popular languages as of today and most developers are seeking to get into the react atmosphere asap. Moreover, many popular apps have react native as their programming base like UberEats, Myntra, Airbnb, Facebook.  

  • Swift
latest mobile app development technologies

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Apple Inc. has developed Swift, which is considered as the general-purpose programming language. However, this is mainly for watchOS, macOS, Linux, tvOS, iPadOS, and few more platforms. Swift generally works with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks and also with C and Objective C codes. These are written mainly for developing iOS apps. 

This programming language by Apple Inc. offers exceptional and safe features that can complete iOS mobile app development very smoothly. Finally, some of the applications developed by using this app are Lyft, Linked In, and Hipmunk. 

  • Kotlin

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A language that’s getting popular very fast and makes its way on this list of the latest mobile app development technologies. Progressive and exceptional mobile applications are developed by using Kotlin. It is regarded as the modern version of Java because of its general-purpose, statistically typed, and cross-platform programming language. Moreover, Kotlin consolidates entirely with Java and was designed in the beginning only for JVM. 

It has many features such as clarity, safety, and large tool support which makes it an excellent choice for developing applications for Androids. Examples of the applications are Coursera, Trello, and Evernote that are made using Kotlin. 

  • R Programming

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This language is preferred for data analysis and machine learning. Apart from these two, this language is also suitable for statistical graphics and computing. The R Programming language helps the developers to make advanced and powerful machine learning algorithms that will have the capability of training themselves. 



After looking at the points you must be clear of how different technologies can help develop an app. There are so many applications and each app requires a different development process. Therefore, it can be hard at times to develop it for yourself. But don’t worry as you can reach out to Essence Software Solutions to create an app according to your choice and your business needs. 

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