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Types of Healthcare Apps You Need to Know in 2021

healthcare apps

Currently, technology is impacting everything and everyone. Thus, providing enough opportunities to entrepreneurs to introduce a new business in various sectors and healthcare is one of them. So, if you are looking to grow your career in healthcare, this is the right time for introducing healthcare apps

In fact, the size of the digital healthcare market as estimated in 2019 was $106 billion, which is further projected to increase to $640billion by 2026. This explains why today, more and more types of digital healthcare apps are being introduced worldwide. 

So, if you are here to know about them, the key features they hold, and how much it will cost you to develop, then you have landed in the right place. You will get all the information here, so keep reading. 

Must-have features of every top Healthcare apps


The application and devices of the health industry are integrated with the system of big data, CRM, IoT and cloud computing. It helps them to dominate the sector in a very subtle yet powerful way. However, there are some features that every healthcare apps must contain to benefit both patient and doctor. They are:

Easy login

The log in or registration page serves as the introduction face of the apps to doctors and patients. So, make sure the process is easy to make them sign up instantly. Remember here; the fewer are the steps, the more users are going to appreciate. Moreover, if there is an option of logging from Gmail, email or phone number, it is best. 

Multilingual management

To make the app available to a large base of people, it must incorporate desired and native language options. This helps the patient have a basic understanding of the app services like medical reports, order invoices, appointments, etc. 

Profile personalization

Users should be able to feed in the information they would like to share and be allowed to upload photos. On the other hand, doctors must be required to feed information of their experience, speciality, contact details and clinic address. This helps the patients to trust a doctor with their problems. 

Searching through location

Best healthcare apps are those that contain smart filters for searching for suitable doctors. For example, the user can search by using the filter of specialization, reviews, experience, location, education and even consulting fee. 

Appointment Management

The doctors must get the freedom to accept or deny the request as per their choice. It can be because the timings are not available or they do not want to see patients. Only after the doctor give their confirmation or accept the request does the customer get an appointment notification. 


The users appreciate apps that help them in their hectic day, like reminding them of taking pills or going to the doctor’s appointment. For this purpose, the app must incorporate upload of prescription, drug and pill information. 

Remote access

The healthcare apps must contain features that help contact doctors and get in touch with desired practitioners easy. So, if there is an emergency, the doctor can check symptoms and identify disease through remote medical access. 


Types of healthcare apps that are performing successfully in the market

Now, when we know the top features that every healthcare app must contain, let’s look into the different categories of areas in which healthcare mobile apps can fall. 

An app that takes care of a healthy lifestyle

These types of app focus on educating patients on how to carry a healthy lifestyle. It keeps them right on schedule for an appointment and even has a pregnancy tracker. To put this another way, the category includes pregnancy and baby development apps, healthy nutrition, fitness tracker, diet monitoring app, etc. 

ER care apps

This category of healthcare apps enables a patient to access their nearest and cost-effective emergency rooms. Not only this, but the app also provides the direction, insurance option, detail of travel time and waiting period. 

General hospital apps 

Hospitals that develop mobile apps often see them as the spotlight for branding and messaging purpose. It helps patients know about the hospital more like the list of doctors available and their schedule, ER wait times, and types of services provided. In fact, some apps also allow a virtual tour of the hospital to the user. 

Medication tracker

One of the most important categories in healthcare apps tracks the medication of patients. In other words, the app encourages the patient to stick to their prescription by tracking their meals, doses, time intervals and ping them to remind taking medicine on time. 

Clinical and diagnosis assistance app

Clinical and diagnosis assistance app mainly help in maintaining personal health records. This includes digital imaging, electronic charts, lab test results, and every possible detail about the symptom. This makes it easy for both doctor and patient to refer them anytime when treating the problem. 


How much will it cost to build the perfect healthcare app?

You must have decided by now looking at the types of healthcare applications in which category you want to deal in. Also, what are the features you intend to include in your app? Now the one question that remains is how much it will take to develop the mobile app? 

Well, according to research, the price to develop a Minimal Delight Product or MDP for healthcare apps range from $5000 to $500,000. However, the factors that will set the limit includes:

  • How many platforms you are targeting, i.e., Android, iOS, or both?
  • What is the condition of the market, the competition and the characteristics of implementation?
  • The complexity of the app includes branding, customization, animation, etc. 
  • The use of technologies and extent of innovation, i.e., AI and machine learning. 
  • The software developer you are choosing. 


With the major advancement of technology in the market, one must work smartly to develop a healthcare app that everyone desires. The greater is the integration of machine learning and AI, the more it will beat the competition. However, one must find the best development company for healthcare app development to save time and money. For this purpose, ensure the company is experienced in the field and has the required healthcare knowledge. We at Essence have worked on multiple projects including healthcare, if you need help with your healthcare app development project, connect with us here.

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